How It Works

    How to post on kazifix

  1. Complete all the information about your skill such as titlecategoryregiondescriptionprice and add photos (at least three photos needed for cars and phones).
  2. After filling out the required fields, click on “Post” button.
  3. Your advert will be published shortly once the moderation process is completed.
  4. Once your advert is live, you will receive a notification email.
  5. Be ready to receive numerous incoming calls from your potential clients

    Posting rules

  1. Every skill must have a precise title.
  2. Every skill should contain only unique images without contact information or watermarks.
  3. Make sure you chose an appropriate category.
  4. All posted skills must be located in Nairobi metropolitan.
  5. All items and products must be legally permitted.
  6. Each skill must be posted separately. You cannot post several skills within one advert.
  7. Every skill must contain a brief and clear description.

    Benefits of posting on kazifix

    1. kazifix is the biggest marketplace in Kenya for skill ads
    1. kazifix has more clients  who are looking for skilled personnel
    1. Relevant promotion algorithms
    1. Full customer Support
    1. Fair price for the subscriptions you buy
    • kazifix is secure


      sign up on kazifix

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    • for example if a subscription is 1000 then you make 400 out of it
    • withdraw your money to your mobile wallet